Girl Time! Day 4

 Isla and Leia are moving in. It's shoe caddy official.

Isla noticed that we store our shoes in this shoe cabinet so she placed her and Leia's shoes in there, too. She also calls the room she's staying in "Isla's room" and the bed she's sleeping in "Isla's bed." So, there's that. 

These girls love to color. It just amazes me because coloring didn't hold the boys' attention for more that about 10 seconds. To this day they don't care for anything crafty. 

My almost-but-not-quite selfie with Leia

We played some more outside. The swings, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles are fun, but the biggest draw is the birdbath. There's a lot of splashing, rock washing, and the like going on in that birdbath.


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