Girl Time! Day 2

 This is the Family Edition. 

We hosted a family day so that everyone could spend time with Chels and the girls. We had a good sized crowd even with all of those who are out of town. Kids outnumbered adults 2 to 1!

Aunt Anna and shy Leia

Miss Augustine may be the youngest, but she jumped right in!

The cousins warmed up to each other right away.

Cousin Squad

The kids' table....and Uncle Ben

Oh Grams, you're hilarious!

Uncle Jake judging the Lego contest

Uncle Jake being entertained by Leia

There wasn't really anything on the agenda other than eating and catching up. Traveling with little ones is hard so most of the family hasn't seen the girls since Leia was a tiny baby. I think we all had fun and the hours flew by.


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