Baking Bread with My Boys

 I have to remind myself that the amount of whining and protesting that the boys do doesn't reflect the level of fun and meaningful connection we'll achieve while doing whatever it is that they're complaining about. 


I've been making a real effort to teach the boys to clean, cook, and bake. I'm not asking them to do anything crazy, but I don't want them to get out into the real world and think that they have to live on fast food and cereal. 

Today's lesson was baking a simple French loaf that we'll be eating and sharing with family on Easter Sunday.

They dragged their feet in the beginning, but got into it and were really pleased with the results. They each chipped in with assembling ingredients and mixing the dough and then we each rolled and shaped our own dough. I think they came out great and the boys both said they enjoyed themselves. 

Feast your eyes on these beauties!


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