THM Granola Recipe

 I made this granola recipe yesterday. Not super impressed. To be fair, I did leave out the whey. But it calls for baking blend which makes these odd clumps. Oh well. This falls into the "not-what-I-was-expecting-but-still-edible" category. I'll make the best of it. 

I've been doing THM (Trim Healthy Mama) for 18ish months now. The first 12 months was spent just cutting out sugar and replacing it with monkfruit. It was during that time that I also realized that stevia is hard on my stomach and that dairy consumption keeps me from losing weight. Since Fall I've been more series about implementing the whole diet, thanks to a like-minded friend and a support group she put together.

On of my friend's recent "aha" moments was that we probably need more carb-based meals for thyroid support. That's been a learning curve for me because it's been SO ingrained in my head that carbs are best avoided or at least marginalized. But I'm slowly coming around. Thus the granola. 


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