THM Challenge

 A friend and I decided, two weeks ago, to start 100 days of THM no cheat challenge. Having just one person to keep me accountable and to bounce ideas off of has been really nice.

I actually hauled out the cookbooks and have been following the recipes instead of just using them for ideas. Some of the recipes have really impressed me! 

An interesting discovery was that dairy makes me gain weight. We've pretty much avoided dairy for a decade now, but I wasn't sure if it really impacted me beyond acne. Nope! Turns out that regular dairy in my diet keeps the scale moving up  -  even while following the rest of the THM plan! 

So, no dairy for me for a while. After a few weeks I'll try adding in goat and sheep dairy and see if that does the same or if I'm okay there. I'm bummed, but at least I know what's going on now.


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