Race and the Church

Riots have been ongoing for the past several days, all over the country. George Floyd was killed, blatantly, by a police officer. The officer is being brought up on charges, but he's had complaints in the double digits over the years. 3 other officers were standing by and did nothing to stop it.

People are angry and exhausted.

After doing a lot of reading and praying, here are my thoughts:

1. Racism is real. It still exists in this country and must be dealt with.

2. Police brutality and over-reach is real and must be dealt with.

3. We need a way forward.

How do we go about moving forward?

1. We need to recognize the complexity of the issue so that we can begin to tackle it. I've read so many fluff pieces, secular and faith-based, black and white, that are nothing more than pandering nonsense pieces with no real substance or tangible ways to move forward. If we want change, we're going to have to have real, uncomfortable, conversations.

This will involve positions of humility and openness on *both* sides of the aisle.

2. We need to engage civically. No more taking the "I'm not political" stance. You are a citizen of a democratic republic - you are, by default, political. We have to use our voices to challenge and vote out people and legislation that marginalizes the vulnerable and protects abusers.


We need to be keenly aware of the manipulations and deceptions that sound like they are affirming and supporting minorities, but are instead using them as nothing more than pawns in a political game. We must be smarter than that and not fall victim to such evil machinations.

3. Christians need to speak up. We need to be more vocal about these inequalities - because we already believe in the virtues of unity. We recognize the fact all of mankind is made in his image and we affirm and celebrate that. It's time we realize that not everyone knows that we know these things - so we need to be more vocal.


We need to stop bowing down to the progressive spirit that has been infiltrating our church and our hearts. We have subjected ourselves to secular notions of tolerance and exclusivity to such a point that we have nothing to offer a dead and dying world but a watered down gospel. It's imperative to understand that the idea of an inoffensive Gospel simply does not exist. We have to speak up.

If we fail to do these things, people will turn to the secular to inform and guide them in these important issues and that doesn't benefit anyone. Christians, inform yourselves, yes, but more importantly, bend your knees in prayer. Our world is counting on us.


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