Moving On - Choosing to Live Life During a Pandemic

Over these past couple of weeks, we've started moving on and getting back into the swing of things. We're grateful to have many like-minded friends and family so we've had birthday celebrations, and get-togethers and game nights. The boys have played with friends and cousins.  Our homeschool group has already met up as of last week and will resume meeting on a regular basis.

Of course, going back to normal isn't fully within our power. Museums and libraries are closed down and even church doesn't reopen until the first weekend in June. But we do what we can.

As the days pass, it becomes more and more clear that the panic was overblown. We don't have anything to fear. But there are those who are determined to milk this for all it's worth. More and more citizens are waking up and speaking out, but we're somehow now yet ready to do much about it. So we'll do what is within our power just by spending time with like-minded individuals.

The next step is to start posting pictures like I used to. I've refrained because I really don't want to hear about the lack of "social distancing" or whatever. But perhaps more people will be inspired to reach out to others and resume real socialization.


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