Jeffco Rally

Today was the rally in Jefferson County. Ben and the boys participated, too. I made a sign and taped it to the window. We all drove our cars around for about 30 minutes, honking. There was a police presence everywhere, but everyone was cordial and respectful.

I'm saddened by how many people seem to believe that a rally is the same as "throwing a fit." When Americans exercise their first amendment rights, we shouldn't be offended. We don't have to agree, but we would do well to recognize that upholding and respecting the first amendment rights of others helps ensure same rights for us when we choose to exercise them.

Our rally today wasn't about bashing anyone, but about speaking up about how we feel and what we believe. I believe that most of our elected officials and public servants care and want to do a good job. When we speak up we are informing them of our position and the more information they have the better.

I'm dismayed by the number of people who are truly suffering, but are shamed into silence by fellow Americans who think that Covid is the only threat to human health and that freedom should be discarded because of this virus.

But. We showed up today. We did what we set out to do and that's all that can be expected. I hope that others find their voice and act courageously. I hope they share their stories. And if they don't, that's terrible, but that's not on me - it's on them.

The best, and only, thing we can do in this situation, as well as others, is to act with integrity and allow others to decide what they will do or not do. In the end, I will live with the consequences of my actions and they will live with theirs.


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