Orlando 2020 Vacation Day 5: Universal

Poor Ben still wasn't feeling well. The worst was thankfully over, but he felt very weak. He decided to stay back while I braved Universal with the boys. It was a beautiful day and we were well-rested and ready to get back at it!


Ha! How did it know!?

Kaden's fortune

Our biggest laugh happened at the Kong ride. A couple of men were behind us in line. We moved from the back-and-forth overflow line into the more interesting themed line. It was dimly lit with little hollows in the walls and I was suddenly nervous that something was going to pop out of one of those hollows. Kaden had started to feel the same way. As we moved forward, there was a crevice where the men behind us stepped into without me realizing it. I glanced back, not expecting anyone to be there, and I jumped a mile! Kaden had just glanced back at me and saw me jump and he got spooked and jumped, too. We were all so on edge! Oh, my how we laughed and laughed at that. Good times! Oh, and just for future reference, nothing popped out of the hollows!

Kong ride

Luke's fortune


Spiderman ride

Spiderman ride


We ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks and finally had our butterbeer! YUM! Dinner was at Panda Express, before leaving the park for the day. 

Overall, it was a good day. It was a Saturday so it was significantly busier than when we've been here before. We weren't able to ride a whole lot and it was crowded, but we still enjoyed ourselves!


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