Hunkering Down

Over the last few days, the number of organizations that have closed their doors or cancelled events has skyrocketed. We did have church on Sunday, with many precautions taken. It was so good to see everyone - so many smiling faces and upbeat attitudes does a heart good.

As today has progressed, I'm starting to receive more and more emails about shutdowns. All of the libraries in St. Louis county are closing as of tomorrow. I teared up about that a bit. A lot of restaurants are also shutting down unless they have delivery or pick up options available. Many schools are getting ready to close their doors, as well. The thing that is really surprising to me is how many of the trails are being shut down. Why?

We keep hearing rumors that a mandatory quarantine is coming to our area, but nothing official has been announced, yet.

The economic impact is going to be massive. Grocery stores will be okay, anything healthcare will probably be okay, but even then some will suffer - I cannot imagine people going for routine eye exams and dental cleanings while on quarantine. Everything we're hearing right now is that this will "only" be for two weeks, but I cannot fathom how anyone can really believe that. I think it will end up being much longer than that. I hope I'm wrong.

Today we went to the grocery store. We have emergency food supplies, but I'll continue to pick up fresh produce, cheese, and the like as long as I can simply because I think it's better for our health overall.

We watched the movie, Midway, today. I started a knitting project. Luke is working on an essay for American history. Both boys are still doing schoolwork every day; no break for us homeschoolers!

Luke still has his chest cold. It's definitely better today. He's not coughing as often! I'm so glad. When he does cough, it's productive. We're doing colloidal silver, cod liver oil, kombucha, vitamin d, vitamin c, Thuja 30 3xd, oregano oil, no sugar, and diffusing essential oils. Oh, and a salt inhaler, too. He's doing well and has no other symptoms, but I'll rest easier when he's better.

Gabe decided to make up a list of things he wants to accomplish in Minecraft, LOL. I thought it was pretty neat. If he doesn't end up being some kind of engineer or programmer, I'll be shocked.

 Oh, for dinner tonight I made tomato tuna cakes and sauteed veggies. I'm enjoying all of the fresh produce I can while I can because who knows what tomorrow brings in this crazy world.


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