DIY Cleaner

Here's a recipe for natural cleaners, courtesy of A Cultivated Nest. I made the All-Purpose cleaner today just to sanitize a bit around the house since we're having friends over tonight. Normally, I'm not concerned about sanitation. There are good and bad bugs in our environment and on our bodies. Harsh sanitizers are dangerous because they can kill off the good buggies and leave behind the bad ones. What's the point?

Hydrogen peroxide is the key component in this diy cleaner. Learn more about hydrogen peroxide here. Most people have heard about cleaning with baking soda and vinegar and i think that's fine, but the general consensus is that they don't have the germ-killing ability like hydrogen peroxide, which is nice in certain situations.

More information about hydrogen peroxide and vinegar used together as a household disinfectant.

The problem with knowing how well cleaning products work is two-fold. 1. Many natural substances aren't very well tested simply because there aren't funds to support the testing. There's little motivation to pay for testing because who would profit from them? In fact, the opposite is true, there are many companies that stand to lose a lot of money if simple, cheap, easy-to-buy products are found to be good cleaners and disinfectants. 2. Many studies are very simple and don't take the whole picture into account. For instance, a popular disinfectant boasts that it kills 99% of viruses and bacteria. But it's that last 1% that really matters for most people because those are the nasty ones that we actually have to be concerned with. Also, tests look at how well the disinfectant kills off pathogens, BUT they don't take into account how it kills off good bacteria and can damage our immune system (plus other negative health issues that are caused by these chemical cleaners.)

So, just some things to take into account when trying to decide how to clean and sanitize. I prefer to look at the whole picture and choose what promotes overall good health anytime I possibly can.


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