Orlando 2020 Vacation Day 1 - Universal

We seemed to have picked up a new habit of going somewhere warm in February and I'm not a bit sad about it.

This year we went back to Florida. We decided to tackle both Universal and Disney in one trip - 4 days at both parks. I'm not sure I'd recommend it and I personally will never - ever - do it again, but we made the best of it and had a lot of fun.

Day 1: Universal

Voodoo Donuts

Diagon Alley
After breakfast, we headed straight back to Diagon Alley. The boys purchased wands and then we started looking around. We surprised the boys with park hopper tickets - you can't ride the Hogwart's Express without them.


 Ben loves the Simpsons! We ate lunch there this time and it was just okay. The 4D ride was as much fun as we remembered it and we enjoyed exploring the area.

Ben and the boys took the love test. Luke got "Lukewarm" and Gabe got "Cold Fish." 

Taking a rest while the other boys rode Rip Ride Rocket

Minions ride

Poseidon's Fury Ride 

The Hulk ride

The best nitro cold brew - Today Show Cafe
We headed out at a good time and grabbed groceries at a local Trader Joe's. Cooked dinner back at the condo and called it a night. Day 1 was a success!


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