Intention, Not Control

The all-or-nothing mindset is something I've always struggled with. If something isn't completely clear or totally easy, or 100% effective, then what's the point!? It's something I've come up against and battled my entire life. It's held me back from a lot and has kept me living small.

I'm better than I used to be in that I can now eventually recognize when that frame of mind is holding me back. It's sneaky and hides itself - usually under a thin veneer of sensibility or cooperativeness - but I eventually figure it out.

Doing something about it is still a challenge. But I heard something today that got me thinking. In my pastor's pre-service prayer, he said something to the effect of, "We can't always control things, but we can be intentional." Good stuff right there.

We can't always control a financial hit, but we can be intentional through budgeting and mindful spending.

We can't always control a health crisis, but we can be intentional about how we support our body and mind.

We can't control how others choose to act or think, but we can be intentional in how we think, act, speak, and respond.

It's true that we can do everything right in our finances, health, and relationships only to have the rug pulled out from under us. But that doesn't mean that we don't still have the responsibility to be intentional and to steward what's in our care.

This mindset shift has given me a lot to consider and I'm finding myself putting it to use right off the bat with a new challenge for myself and the boys!


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