Handling Anxiety in Children - Naturally

Gabe has been struggling with anxiety for several years now. When he was little, I did't think too much of it. It seemed to be more of a personality issue. He was a bit more clingy, affectionate, etc. Now that he's older, we realize that he truly struggles with anxiety.

His two big fears are of the dark and of being home without a parent. Neither of them majorly alter his life, but he's not able to sleep in his own room all through the night and he cannot be left home unless one parent is with him. Both of these are wearing US down and we want him to be able to conquer these lesser fears so that he has some tools to take on bigger fears down the road.

Here's what we've been doing lately.

He completes a few pages a week from a CBT workbook for children. There are various exercises to complete and info for him to utilize to help reshape his thinking. It's just on the youngish side for him, but he's still able to get something out of it.

We're also using this calming cream every evening. Yes, I said "we" because I've been using it too! It has a pleasant smell and doesn't feel greasy. If essential oils are really your thing, you could try the combo kit, too!

I also purchased the below book for me. It's been very helpful for two reasons: it helps me better understand and communicate with Gabe about his anxiety, and it is giving me tools and strategies to help him manage his anxious thoughts.

Last, but not least, as I'm a fan of homeopathy, I'll be trying Coffea Cruda 200. Coffea Cruda helps with anxiety and sleep so I'm hoping it's a good fit for Gabe. You can read more about it on Joette's site.

I'm hoping that these measures, along with a healthy diet low in sugar, will help him overcome this issue. I'll be sure to update on his progress!

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