1000 Hours

Several people in my local homeschool group alerted me to a group that encourages families to get outside for 1000 hours per year.


We're lucky to get in a few hours per week!

I've long wanted to log more time outdoors, but it's a lot of work for me to get myself motivated let alone two reluctant kids! But since our homeschool group is on board, I think it will be easier to stay inspired and motivated.

So, back to that big, scary number. 1000. 1000 is a goal - it's something to shoot for. It's not like anything less than 1000 is worthless. I started to get a bit discouraged when we didn't get any hours for the first few days because the boys weren't feeling well. But I recognized that all-or-nothing mindset for what it was and refused to be discouraged.

I printed out the 1000 hours tracking sheet and all, but honestly 1000 is just a nice number. I'm determined to focus more on 1 hour per day. I think that 1 hour is a good, sustainable goal that the boys can hopefully carry with them throughout their lives. Most adults cannot spend 3ish hours outside every day, but if they're intentional they can get in an hour.

So that's what I'm going for - 1 hour each day with more emphasis on longer hikes and such here and there. I doubt we'll make it to 1000, but we'll do our best to rack up as many hours as we can reasonably do.

That's probably our (my) big "resolution" for the year. Get outside more. I really think that it will help us meet other goals - friendship, reducing anxiety, sleeping better, more exercise, etc. We really won't be losing time if all of those areas benefit!


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