Thanksgiving 2019

My Tiza girl!

 We enjoyed our busy Thanksgiving week with family!

Paul and Amanda came up the week before and we played Legacy Betrayal with them one night and D&D another. That weekend, Chelsea and her crew rolled into town and she and the girls met up with Mom and I for some shopping. 

This was our first time meeting sweet Leia. She was either sleeping or screaming, but we were not deterred! We soaked up every moment of that sweet baby.

Chels and Nate brought the girls over for a visit a couple nights later. I got more time with Isla. She's at such a fun age!!

She loves Gabe's bed!

The night before Thanksgiving we hosted Karen and my family. It was a small crowd this year, but we had a nice time! Miss Leia was passed around quite a bit.

We took a snapshop of all of the cousins.

Isla (2), Lucy (12), Allison (13), Gabe (12), Luke (15), Tiza (12), Jameison (8), Leia (2mos)

These kids are all so big! Fun crew!

Grams and her boys!
On Thanksgiving Day we headed out to DeSoto to see my dad and family.

Grandpa Eichelberger

Great Aunt Helen - 100 Years Old

My Dad

Grandma Eichelberger
There aren't any kiddos there for the boys to play with so we ate and chatted a bit and then headed out. It had been a year since we'd made it out to DeSoto so it was so good to see everyone there.

I'm thankful for family. It was good to spend time with those who live far away. It was such a blessing to see the older crew in good health and the little bitty ones who help make the holidays so lively!


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