Christmas 2019

Christmas Day!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I kept feeling at a loss thinking we had somewhere we needed to be or something we needed to do.

The boys woke up at 6:30. I refuse to be the parent who grumbles about waking early on Christmas Day. Luke is already past the early waking and only got up at 6:30 because of Gabe. Their enthusiasm for Christmas doesn't last forever so I'm soaking it up and enjoying it as long as I can.

Once we were all together and settled, the boys started digging in. I think they got the things they wanted most and lots of little surprises that they they hadn't asked for, too.

Gifts from the cats. Wrapped accordingly.

"Where do we start!?"

Ben and I don't exchange gifts anymore, but we do fill each other's stockings. Plus, the boys each get us a gift, as well.

Luke's gift to me.

Gabe's gift to me.

Wooden heart from Ben.

Luke's favorite gift was a new phone. Although, he was pretty happy with new underwear, too! Gabe received a 3D pen and a weighted blanket and two new pairs of pajamas.

Karen and Tim came over for breakfast and then Karen stayed to watch It's A Wonderful Life. My mom came for dinner and then we went head-to-head over Boggle. I beat her, but just barely!

I took a couple of naps and caught up on some sleep. Everything was very low-key and enjoyable and now we have the relief of Christmas break stretched out in front of us. We have a few things planned, but nothing major so we'll be able to get in plenty of down time.

We're so grateful for a Savior who came down to us. He didn't wait for us to get our act together, but came down in spite of our mess. He entered into the human experience and lived among us, bringing us hope and a future. Merry Christmas today and may the spirit of Christmas be with us all year long.


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