1904 World's Fair at the MO History Museum

If I've said it once I've said it 100 times - St. Louis is a great place to homeschool!

The MO History Museum has been hosting homeschool days for a couple of years now, but some of the topics have been hit or miss for us. But this one was about the World's Fair that was hosted here in St. Louis. It was so well done!

The boys aren't much for crafts, but Gabe really enjoyed the main craft this time. He made his own button. Featuring a penguin, of course!

We also browsed the Pulitzer Prize gallery. Some of the photos were not kid friendly (and we knew that going in!) but they were impactful nontheless. So much talent and so much heartbreak.

I'm grateful for local institutions that make my job as a homeschool parent that much easier! Looking forward to next month already!


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