Visiting Paul and Amanda

Paul and Amanda moved to Indiana over the Summer. It would have been heartbreaking, but they both still work in STL and have to return for one week every month. We won't get to see them as much as we used to, but we'll still get to spend a good amount of time with them.

We took a quick trip up to see them this past weekend and it was fun!

The drive up was loooooong. It rained - no poured - the entire way which made for slow going. Plus we lost an hour. We were exhausted by the time we got there!

We did stop for an awesome lunch at Blind Society, in Vandalia, IL.

It's a good thing it was raining, because Vandalia is really neat and would have been fun to explore.

Found coffee and a neat little place and some yummy gf overnight oats!

After arriving at Paul and Amanda's, we got a tour of their house, at pizza, and then started playing the game, Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill - Legacy Edition. Very confusing and a bit frustrating, but so fun and perfect for Halloween.

The next day we went out for lunch and then stumbled upon a super fancy dessert shop called Cake Bake. We felt a little out of place surrounded by such finery, but it didn't stop us from getting lattes and cake slices to go. It was pricey, but when you find a neat place that ALSO offers a gf cake, you have to get it.

That's the rule.

We finished off our pizzas for dinner and then played Dungeons and Dragons. The boys played, too, and we all had a really good time! Paul sent us home with a stack of books so we can learn about the game and play on our own. Gabe loved it.

The drive home was pretty uneventful. We ate a late lunch at a Culver's in IL.

That was it. Food, board games, visiting. Oh, and puppies.


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