Through and With

My God is a God of miracles. I believe this.

I've heard of miraculous, instantaneous experiences. I have no doubt that when I get to heaven I'll learn of the many, many times God intervened on my behalf in ways that I didn't realize and didn't even have to ask for.


I am also very aware of how God, more often than not, calls us to participate in our miracles. He wants to include us and walk alongside of us.

It's almost as if he's less concerned with doing stuff for us and more concerned with doing stuff through us.

He didn't tell the Israelites to sit back and watch while he smote the enemies before them. No, instead he told them to suit up, grab their weapons, and charge headlong into the fight. He promised them the victory, but they didn't get to sit on the sidelines and wait for it to show up on their doorstep.

Of course, there's discernment needed here. If God tells you to wait on him while he fights for you, then no amount of busybody rushing around is going to move things forward. But if he's told you to jump into the fight, then it's best to suit up and get going.

Are you standing still when he's told you to move? Are you sitting on the sidelines when he's told you to fight? Have you asked him what he wants from you? How he wants you to participate?

Are you willing to obey if he answers?

Do we expect God to give us change and abundance and renewal when every action and every word is telling him that no-really-deep-down we're totally fine with status quo?

Doing the hard work of change through obedience is no less a miracle than instantaneous improvement. Maybe it's even more so. When I participate in what God's doing, I get to see my heart of stone melt. I see relationships renewed. I see blessing and prosperity flow into other areas of my life when I mistakenly thought there was no connection. I gain perspective and courage and I have a story to share with others on the journey.

Lord, help us to see where we're stagnating because we're refusing to move. Give us courage to jump into the hard battles of our lives. Help us to fight with confidence, knowing that the victory has been secured by you.


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