A Price to Pay

I'm reading the book Dopesick by Beth Mays and haven't felt so angry, awed, and amazed in a long time.

The frustrating part of the book is how the pharma companies continue to act in the same greedy, irresponsible manner time and time again and how closely the opioid epidemic mirrors the vaccine epidemic we're now seeing. Everything, from the role of the pharmaceutical companies, to the passivity of the FDA, to the complacency of the allopathic medical community, is all the same. It's gut-wrenching and tragic.

This quote stood out to me -

"Greed makes people violent. When we stand with the least in the struggle for justice, there's a price to pay." Sister Beth

So far, the "dangers" of speaking up about vaccines has been limited to losing a friend or two on FB and probably many people thinking we're stupid at best or terrible parents at worst. But I know so many people who won't risk even that. And I'm not tooting my own horn or patting myself on the back. I'm just steeling myself for what may come some day and reminding myself that I'm in good company.

There are far too many people who think that they'll have the courage to speak up when things really get tough and it warrants sticking their necks out. But they fail to consider how much more will be on the line when things get that rough. If you can't speak out now what makes you think it will be easier when the stakes are higher? If you can't pay a small price now, can you pay a big price then?

The opioid epidemic isn't just about addiction. It's about greedy corporations,the ill-informed complacency of the medical community, and the FDA's failure to protect US citizens. All of which we're seeing in the vaccine issue.

The upside is that we can also see glimmers of hope that have been born out of the sustained efforts of caring individuals who weren't afraid to speak the truth and face giants.

If they can do it, so can we.


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