St. Louis Science Center Pompeii Exhibit

With school back in session it's so much easier for us to get out and about and do things without large crowds.

I've been waiting for months to visit the Pompeii exhibit at the Science Center and it did not disappoint. The exhibit was set up to copy the various rooms and outside areas that were common to the people in that place and time. We learned all about how they dressed, what they ate, leisure and work life.

Of course, we also learned about the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. A "4-D" movie replayed the events of the eruption and then we were lead into a room containing some of the actual human remains. Almost all of the artifacts we saw were authentic, not replicas.

I'd love to be able to visit the area in person some day, but until then, I'm grateful for this glimpse into the lives of the people of Pompeii and the fateful Mt. Vesuvius eruption.


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