Our 2019-2020 School Year

Luke: Luke is transitioning more to online work. He's working on prepping for CLEP testing, beginning with biology and American literature. Spanish is through Duolingo and math is through Khan Academy.

I spoke with admissions at Liberty and have a good idea of what he needs to be able to transfer there and complete a Bachelor's. Right now he's interested in a communications degree with a focus on social media. 

His co-op classes include improve and debate. Debate is an awesome subject, but our short semester and short class time aren't doing it justice. He's racing through the book. I plan on a hefty review after this co-op semester ends so that we can really let the subject sink in. 

Our youth pastor is leading a Leadership and Values group for the homeschool boys.

Gabe: Gabe is doing Life of Fred Fractions for math, Total Language Plus: The Hobbit for LA, and It Couldn't Just Happen for Science. 

His co-op classes are STEM and Gamer's Club.

He didn't want to join the group at church, but I think I'm going to make him. All of the kids are great and I think he'll do really well once he warms up.

For SS, both boys are working through the last volume of Mystery of History. My mom let us borrow a bunch of neat books on the Revolutionary War so we have those for extra resources as well as the library, of course. We're also trying to focus on Geography a bit by studying countries and cities as they come up  in our history lessons.

It's been unseasonably hot these past few weeks, but as soon as it cools down we'll be spending more time outdoors hiking and bike riding. 


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