2019 Garden Update

This side yard garden has been my big outdoor project over these past couple of years and I'm thrilled to say it's finally getting as close to "done" as a garden ever does.

I started out by getting some good, healthy garden soil and adding it to the pathetic sold-as-garden-soil-but-actually-cheap-top-soil that I'd fallen prey to last year. I had decided to not really focus on growing anything, but to just add good dirt, sow alllll of the random old seeds I have, and just see what came up.

So far, the green beans, okra, basil, marigolds, mint, lavender, mullein and bee balm have all done very well. Everything else was a lost cause, but that's not surprising considering how old some of the seeds were.

I've mainly focused on landscaping and ornamentals around the house. I mainly just find clearance plants at Lowe's or take what I'm gifted from a friend at church.

Here's what I've got now:

This is a far cry from the dirt and rock mess that was here just a few years ago!

The only things I need to do now are:

1. Replenish the gravel.
2. Continue to add planters.
3. Maybe add a trellis on the far left to fill in some of that space.
4. Have Ben make a long trough planter for me to replace the very old one that's currently there, but falling apart.
5. Continue to fill in spots with cheap plants, especially ground cover.
6. Add new mulch.

I'm glad this area is pretty much in upkeep mode now because I've been neglecting other areas of the yard and some areas are looking pretty sad.


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