Hello and Goodbye, July!

The Summer is chugging along! June flew by in an instant, it seems, and now July is nearly over, too!

So what were we doing all month that kept us so busy?

The first two weeks of July we did some house and pet sitting for some friends while they were on vacation. Every other day we'd go over and take care of the cat and guinea pigs, take out the trash, etc.

We celebrated 4th of July at a friend's house. They put on a great fireworks show and several neighbors did, too. It was a blast (no pun intended)!

Ladies night at church was a blast!

Poor boy cat got sick and just could not kick it so Ben had to take him to the vet and we spent 10 days giving him meds.

Some awesome friends gifted us with tickets to the Muny to see Cinderella with them!

Gabe attended a friend's birthday party.

Luke went to Summer Retreat with some other youth at church.

We helped my brother and sil pack, move, and clean. They're moving to IN to be closer to her family and had a lot that needed to get done in a short amount of time.

The Wagner family crashed at our house on their way through to FL.

I went on a hike with a friend at Powder Valley.

I met up with the bestie for coffee and chatting.

We enjoyed a super fun game night with an awesome family at our church.

Our friend, Brandon, crashed with us on his way to the airport. He took us out to breakfast the next morning.

I had so much fun with my family as we watched my sister, Anna, graduate with her B.A. in Business Administration. We all grabbed lunch after the ceremony and she surprised us with the news that she's expecting and due in March!!!

Gabe and I participated in Harry Potter Trivia at a local coffee shop. We lost by one point, but we had fun and got to spend time with some friends. Plus there was a butterbeer latte...

Luke had friends spend the night multiple times and needed schlepping back and forth to Six Flags. It seems he's making up for all the Summer fun he missed out on in June!

Luke's been taking drum lessons every Monday.

Today we attended a going away party for one of the youth leaders at church. She'll be on the mission field for the next 11 months. She's been a huge blessing to our boys so we were glad for the opportunity to see her off and wish her well.

This coming week, Gabe has day camp M-F. Luke has a swimming party, the Wagners are swinging back through, and I'm helping a friend with her dogs while she's on vacation!

We've been busy, but it's been a GOOD kind of busy filled with lots of time with friends and family and doing fun things. Fall will be here before we know it and while we tend to do a lot once things cool down and kids are back at school, a lot of the people we know aren't as available so I'm grateful for the time with them!


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