Luke Update 2: Procedures

Our insurance is a serious disappointment. Maybe I'm being unrealistic in this day and age of crummy, super-expensive insurance, but I'm disappointed nontheless.

An MRI with/out contrast is going to cost us $495. That's oop because it's almost $100 more if we go through insurance PLUS the procedure would be pushed out a few days because they'd need to get a precert. Not worth it. We'll just pay out of pocket.

Dr. wanted the MRI done as soon as possible, but they only had one appt available at the end of the day. We went ahead and booked it, but received a call later that the technician really thinks that contrast will be needed or the scan may not be very informative. Soooo, they had to put a call into the dr to get a new order and then they had to reschedule us for the next day because the end of the day appt wasn't going to have a contrast tech available.

It was a lot of back and forth, but the imaging people were awesome. I wasn't upset about the delay because I couldn't help but think that the more time the would had to drain on it's own, the better chance we have of avoiding surgery. The packing helps wick out the pus and he's on antibiotics, colloidal silver, and the Banerji protocol for healing abscesses. I'm was secretly glad for the extra time.

Blood draw was a breeze. We went to our local Quest and were in and out no problems. He took the needle like a champ and seemed to be in good spirits!

The wound is looking good and Luke's appetite is right back to normal so that makes me happy. He's still extremely tired which is upsetting. He's always been my energizer bunny. He seems so frail right now.

Tomorrow morning is the MRI. Ben's taking him in at 9:30. It shouldn't be painful and hopefully wont take long.


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