Luke Update 3: Good News!

We had another visit with the Dr. today. Luke was nervous the whole time and I felt so awful for him. Dr. Wessling wanted to take out and replace the packing. Which is much preferred to surgery, of course, but he doesn't numb the area which means the procedure is uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

Thankfully, there was much less pain this time! And the packing was shorter so it took less time to finish it up. We were also prepared with a towel to help cover Luke and some lemon essential oil to get the tape off with minimal pain.

While I was checking out and scheduling the next appt, I told the receptionist that my schedule was wide open, but that I would like to combine it with the blood work discussion. She looked surprised and said that the Dr. had already seen the blood work and had put it in the system! She printed the results of each of the three blood tests. Every single one came back with no abnormalities!

So, as it stands, there doesn't appear to be any need for surgery. We're just going to keep the wound open and packed so that the infection can drain out. Blood work isn't showing signs of an underlying cause. It could have been a fluke thing and not a symptom of something bigger.

Thank you, Lord! I couldn't wait to send Ben the good news.

For now. our daily routine includes changing the dressing as needed - usually 3 times a day. Applying a hot pack prior to changes, when possible.

Antibiotics three times a day.

Colloidal silver twice a day.

Banjeri protocol for abscesses 3 times a day: Hep. Sulph 6 combined with Belladonna 30.

He gets kombucha, yogurt, and kefir throughout the day.

Plenty of water

3 meals and 3 or 4 snacks to help him regain weight.

Good sleep and a nap a day.

Plenty of rest.

We'll be back on Monday to change the packing again. Looking forward to continued improvement!


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