Luke: Update 1

We visited the Dr. tonight. It was the last appt of the day so he was able to spend plenty of time with us. Lots of notes were taken and he seemed very thorough.

He examined the abscess and then decided to repack it. I think our dr. is brilliant, but he's an odd duck and very methodical and clinical. He had Luke pull his pants and underwear all the way down and lie on the table without any type of covering. Awkward.

Next, he proceeded to repack the wound without numbing him up. He mumbled something about the needle possibly spreading infection. I was stunned, but my sister had also told me that having the packing in there would be a big benefit to the wound. Of course, I didn't realize until he got going that he was going to pack 12 inches of material in there! It only took about 5 minutes, but Luke was freaked out and I'm sure it was uncomfortable at best, if not painful. I held Luke and he whimpered and yelped and writhed on the paper. I felt terrible for him. Wanted to cry, but kept a brave front.

It was decided that an MRI was needed to ensure that all of the infection was caught. If it's not clean, then surgery will need to be scheduled to clear it out. Bloodwork was also ordered, just to see if there is any underlying cause for the abscess.

Luke was shaken and teary after the procedure. I told him it's okay to cry, if he needed to. I kicked myself for leaving my aconitum at home.

So tomorrow we'll be calling around and trying to find an available appt for the MRI and bloodwork. I'm praying he does well with both. He's just so ready to be done with all of this and so are we. 


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