Trim Healthy Mama

I've jumped on the THM bandwagon and I'm excited about it!

I borrowed the books from the library a week or so before we went on vacation and I just got them back a couple days ago. I've been fumbling my way through as I try to adapt my existing meals and menus to the THM way of eating.

Since it's been such a short time, I can really say how it's working, but I *will* say that I'm excited about food again and it's been a long time since I could say that.

For now, I'll just use this entry to post some of my links so I can come back to them.

I'm excited to make this PB&J smoothie for Ben and I.

This is the sweetener I made. I've really been liking it. Stevia has been my go-to sweetener for a while, but it has it's limitations. This blend is awesome!

I'll be adding onto this post as I try out new recipes!


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