Game On

We really, really, really like board games. Like, really. Which means we've amassed quite a few over the years. They've been shuffled around the house over the years and finally landed in our "back room."

The back room is going to, someday, be a home theater. Until such a time as we can afford to do all of that, it's kind of become a catchall. The boys' computers are back there, Ben set up a random testing computer back there. The Legos found their home in that room. And, of course, the board games.

We've been here for almost 8 years now and the addition is 3 years old. While we can't outright finish up this room, we did brainstorm some ideas on how we could start inching our way to the finish line. But that means all of the random items will need to find a new home.

My idea was to change our "diningroom" into a computer room. It already kind of is. The computer I'm typing on now is in there so that's already a good start. We also have these shelves in there:

We've had these shelves for about 16 years. They've moved with us from home to home and we've always found a way to make them useful. Unfortunately, they aren't the most practical shelves. They are pretty deep, but fairly short. Best for decorations, but it's hard to give up that much room just for decor. So we replaced them.

Our original plan was to buy more HEMNES shelves from IKEA since I knew they'd fit in this area. But while we were at the store, I noticed that the BILLY bookcases came in the espresso color. We have BILLY bookcases in Gabe's room and have been really pleased with them...and they are almost a third of the HEMNES. We opted for the extenders which added onto the price a bit, but they reach almost to the ceiling.

Which is good because we don't have much room to grow.

So, now our boardgames have a permanent home and our back room is one small step closer to fulfilling its intended purpose.


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