Back on the Mainland

We just returned to chilly, soggy MO, from beautiful, sun-drenched Hawaii and I'm struggling to get back into the swing of things.

The Big Island was magical. For the past several years, our big family vacations have consisted of road trips. We drive for two weeks, rarely staying in the same place twice. This time, we rented an Airbnb and stayed there the entire time. It was so nice having a home base to return to every day!

The island itself is fairly raw. There are areas that are more geared toward tourists, but most of it is very real and unspoiled.

I wasn't prepared for the wide range of topography. The Northern part of the island is full of green, rolling hills. Lots of grass and horse ranches abound to take full advantage of all that open space. The East side of the Island boasts waterfalls, plentiful banyan trees, and the bustling town of Hilo.

If you drive South, you'll run into the lava fields from the nearby volcano. Dark, rippled volcanic rock as far as the eye can see. When you reach the West side of the island, you'll find more lava fields, but with tufts of grass interspersed. In some areas, abundant flora grows right up to the roadways and the islands best beaches can be found on this quadrant, as well.

We soaked up every sight and sound we could and enjoyed every moment. I'm so grateful for the beauty we were able to experience and would love to return some day.


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