Random Reads: Irena's Children, Something in the Water, Freedom, and A Beautiful, Terrible Thing.

A Beautiful, Terrible Thing is a true story about a woman's marriage to a narcissist. It was raw and revealing and beautifully written. I really appreciated Jen Waite's insight into her marriage and her recovery after the marriage unraveled.

Freedom by Jaycee Dugard is a book that I really wanted to like. I enjoyed (?) the first book and appreciated it that it was told by Jaycee. It was raw and felt very personal and real. Her writing style makes her seem very young which was an interesting juxtaposition during the first book, but fell flat in this book. It seemed like the ramblings of a teenage girl and I couldn't get through the first few chapters.

Irena's Children is a book about Irena Sendler, a Polish woman, who risked her life repeatedly to save 2,500 Jewish children during WWII. Her story is incredible. I've read many books about WWII and the holocaust, but there were many things in this book that I wasn't aware of. For instance, I never realized how much hatred Hitler had for the Polish people. I didn't realize he never intended to leave Warsaw standing, but had planned early on to raze the entire city to the ground. There were so many interesting tidbits in here that broadened my understanding of this important time in history.

Something In the Water by Catherine Steadman was a last minute addition to my reading pile. The title intrigued me so I grabbed it. Good call because it was an easy read that kept me turning the pages. It was full of mystery and intrigue that felt somehow plausible in a way that few books in this genre can pull off. Bonus points: the author had a regular stint on Downton Abbey! The basic storyline is about a just-married couple who finds a mysterious black bag on their honeymoon. What they choose to do with the bag changes their lives in every possible way. 

So those are my most recent reads. I'm on goodreads if you want a better list of what I've been reading lately. I don't always take the time to post her, but I've always got a stack of books on my nightstand!


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