Gabe's 12th Birthday

My "baby" isn't a baby anymore.

He hasn't been for a while now and I know that, but gosh. 12? Only one more year before I have TWO teenagers?! It's gone by so fast.

Gabe wanted a Harry Potter theme party and I decided to step it up this year because he is getting older and may never want a themed party again!

So Harry Potter it was!

Playing Beanboozled

The annual birthday wall

Paleo cake

Our Hagrid-inspired cake

HP-themed goodies for the sundae bar

The birthday boy

Opening gifts

My birthday boy

My mom is such a good sport!

Everyone seemed to have a good time. I know I enjoyed myself. It's nice to see that Gabe has more friends, now. It's taken him a while to open up. 

He received a lot of cash, but also a lava lamp, a book he's had his eye on, and a lego set. He was in heaven!

The day went by in a blur, but then so have the past 12 years.


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