I'm deactivating my Pinterest account tonight.

I love Pinterest. Or, I love the idea of Pinterest. I love the flow of ideas, the sense of sharing and collaboration. I don't particularly love their new-found interest in censorship of vaccine awareness.

At first, I thought it would be a painful process, but as I'm wading through hundreds of pins, I'm realizing that there are very few I actually care about.

So I'll list them here.


This is the awesome cake I made and served for Gabe's birthday.

This slow cooker basil chicken is so good.

I've made this cereal for Ben for special events. We love it.

This muffin recipe is a staple and can be made with all kinds of different mix-ins.

I can't even count the times I've made these pancakes.

This tikka masala is delicious.

This sweet potato pie is a holiday staple.

These cookie bars are popular around here.

Luke has this pizza crust recipe memorized!

This banana bread is fantastic.


I've made this vitamin tea mix as a replacement for vitamin supplements.

My elderberry syrup recipe.

Magnesium oil recipe.

This whipped body butter is amazing.

This deodorant really works.


A New Dress a Day is a must if you enjoy clothes and love a good before-and-after.

Putting Me Together is fantastic if you want to build a true wardrobe vs just owning clothes.

Fantastic diy building plans can be found on Ana White's blog.

Home design and diy at YoungHouseLove.

Looking for a blog that's a mix of Disney and Psychology? Look no further than Psychosocial Disney Culture. 


MBTI test at

Christian counselor Patrick Doyle videos.

Visionary Womanhood.


Marriage and divorce at My Only Comfort.

Egalitarianism at Mary Mowczko.


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