2019 Florida Vacation Days 1-3

Seeing as we've been having such a harsh winter here in MO, it was really nice to spend some time down South.

A trip to Florida wasn't in our plans until we received an offer from a Sheraton hotel for a free week in one of their rooms. Ben called and talked to a rep and they promised there was no catch - we didn't have to attend a time share presentation or anything. Ooookay then.

Day 1:

Ben was scheduled to serve at church so he went in. Meanwhile, the boys and I packed the car and cleaned the house. When church was over, Ben headed home and we were able to hop in the car and go!

We made it to Nashville for dinner. The main strip was really neat and it was certainly warmer than back home so we walked up and down to stretch our legs. The Superbowl was on so the streets were pretty empty and the restaurants full. We spotted a Hard Rock Cafe and proceeded to eat dinner there. It's sort of a vacation tradition to eat at a Hard Rock at some point anyway and it was more family-friendly than a lot of the other places we'd seen.

We drove a bit more and then nabbed a hotel room for the night.

Day 2: 

We spent the better part of the day driving the rest of the way to Orlando and got in just after dark. Our room was spacious so we unloaded the car and then explored the resort a bit. it was really beautiful and just a bit breezy - a far cry from the freezing temps of MO.

We ate a quick dinner in one of the resort restaurants and then walked around a bit before heading up to our room for the night.

Day 3:

Ben woke up with a headache so we decided to rest for a while and then find something low-key to do.

While he slept in, I found a couple of nearby gardens that honored our MOBOT membership. Once Ben was up and about, we headed out to the nearby city of Winter Park.

Our first stop was Trader Joe's where we stocked up on food for the week and grabbed some easy lunches.

Henry Leu Gardens was our next stop. We wandered through the gardens just taking in all of the beautiful flowers and plants and just enjoying the sun. The boys had great attitudes and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Our last stop was Albin Polasek's Museum and Sculpture Park. We browsed the museum which featured cowboys and then we explored the gardens. Polasek had been a sculptor and his work dotted the landscape. The grounds and sculptures were lovely, but it only took us about 30 minutes to see everything.

We headed back to the resort and went swimming. Well, Ben and the boys went swimming. I just lounged and read my book and soaked up the sun.

For dinner we popped over to a Lucky's Market and picked up a few things. It turned out that it was their soft open so we got a free shopping bag! How fun!?

Our evening was low-key and uneventful. We knew the next day would be busy so we enjoyed our time relaxing and resting.


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