2019 Florida Vacation Day 6: Busch Gardens

Another beautiful day in Florida!

Busch Gardens was another theme park that I'd visited as a child and remembered enjoying, but could recall any specifics. It was really fun to explore it with Ben and the boys.

Overall, I'm not sure that I'd visit Busch Gardens again. It's well done and enjoyable, but we St. Louisans are pretty spoiled with an amazing zoo for viewing animals and Six Flags for riding coasters. Busch Gardens seemed like a mix of the two which is awesome, but nothing particularly worth driving for in our case.

View from the SkyRide cable car

I loved all of the animal enclosures!


Waiting with Gabe while Ben and Luke rode a ride.

Kangaroo and joey! How cute!?

The bird enclosure was really fun and a wee bit scary. The birds just fly around. If you purchase nectar you can feed them, but they seemed a bit aggressive for my tastes so we just admired them at a distance.

Cable car

Riding the train!

View from the train

Toward the end of the day we were exhausted and almost didn't stay, but we hadn't seen a single show and the ice skating show was about to start. I'm so glad we stayed because it was really, really good!

The boys fussed going into it, but they got swept up pretty quickly. 

We headed out at about 5. It had been a long day and we were ready to relax a bit. Since we'd checked out of our hotel in the am, we decided to eat a quick dinner and drive toward our next day's stop. We arrived at a good time and were able to get right into bed.

It was a good day with my guys. I'm so glad we got to make these memories together!


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