Homeschooling Check In

Our 2018 year of homeschooling is concluded! It's so weird to type that.

Things didn't end smoothly, though. Luke has been struggling with science. He's taking Freshman biology and is struggling with the reality that school is just harder now and he actually has to study - not just read, but actually study.

He's been resistant to the idea and if finally caught up to him when he got a D on his science test. I knew he could do better and we felt it was important to drive home the idea that we need to do our best - not perfection, but excellence. I told him there would be no electronic device time until he pulled up the grade to a B minimum.

With a long Christmas break of video fun time slipping through his fingers, he decided to push on through the next science module even though we were officially "off" of school.

To make matters more interesting, this happened to be the module that is extremely difficult. The book specifically recommended that an extra week or two be allocated for study time. Oh, yay.

Well, it's amazing what the proper motivation will accomplish because he ACED that test and did all of the studying and memorization in 5 days. I was quoting vocabulary words in my head at night!

[caption id="attachment_4877" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Success![/caption]


Despite the fact that it was fast and furious and took up some of our break, I really did enjoy the process because I got to learn more with him. The wonders of the human body never cease to amaze me!

Otherwise, school is going fine. We're right where we should be and I think we'll finish in time with no problem. Luke needs to spend more time reading and needs to go ahead and start a Spanish program, but we've got some time yet.

The boys don't know it, yet, because I know they'll be ticked, but I've decided we're going to school year 'round from now on. That will allow us to have breaks for vacations, illness, and nice weather. Once our "book work" is done for the year, we'll have lighter loads, but it's just too hard to cram everything into the "school year" the way it's set up for us now. I want us to be able to go at a more leisurely pace and that won't happen if we're taking off 4 months every year, plus vacations and holidays....and 4 day weeks to boot. I think it will be better for all of us and I'm looking forward to 2019!


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