Last Day of Co-op

The last day of co-op has arrived!

The photos the kids took last week were on display in the hallway for everyone to admire. Every one of the kids did a great job and it was really neat to see their various perspectives.

Gabe really enjoyed his cubing class. At first he was intimidated and wanted to give up and I'm so glad I didn't let him because he's become very adept at solving the cube and got to know some of the other boys in the process. He worked really hard all semester long and it shows.

Luke, my extrovert, was particularly sad to see the end of co-op. He's in a weird in-between place right now. His friends at church are all younger than he is and are still in the middle school class and he's in the high school class. It's been a big adjustment and he's feeling out of sorts. He just started getting to know some kids here at co-op, but not well enough to really get together or anything just yet. I suspect it's going to be a long Winter for him.

I'm glad to report that we're all looking forward to the next semester. Both boys are signed up for a couple of classes and I'm helping co-teach a Bible study class for high school girls. By the time Feb. comes around we'll be more than ready to jump back in!


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