It's been on my to-do list from the beginning. It's haunted me. It's overwhelmed me. But victory is mine!

The tub in our main bath was horribly scarred. I don't understand what the previous owners were thinking. They took time to completely renovate the bathroom and even installed pretty tile around the old cast iron tub, but then they used the tub to store all of their tools. It was scratched and stained and scarred.

7 years ago, when we bought the house, we thought we'd just have to live with it until we could afford to tear it out. Then a couple years ago we started hearing about tub refinishing. I saw some kits at Lowe's and was intrigued, but was nervous about the chemicals involved and how sturdy the finish would be.

About 6 months ago my SIL sent me a message alerting me to a tub refinishing Groupon. We snatched it up right away, but I didn't want to schedule it until the weather cooled down enough to where we could open all the doors and windows to allow for off-gassing.

Well the blessed day finally arrived and after just 4 hours, the tub was beautiful.

Here she is, ready for her close up:


I wish I'd taken a before picture because it was really rough.

The chemicals used to refinish the tub are really strong. We opened all of the windows and as soon as it was done, the bathroom fan was turned on, the door was shut, and a towel placed over the crack. We left it like that for 3 days until it had off-gassed. I wouldn't have this done during a time of year when the house can't be aired out!

She's all purty now and I'm hoping that this new finish will last a good long time!



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