20th Anniversary

Marriage is hard!

I wish I could say otherwise, but that's just the truth. There's no pride in being able to say we've made it this far - just gratitude and humility. I'm a lot less cocky and confident that marriage is forever because sometimes it just isn't. It should be, but it isn't.

These past couple of years have been hard because there's been a lot of growth and maturity. That sounds like it should naturally lead to a better marriage, but the sad truth is that it doesn't always. It's one thing to be married in the technical sense of the term, but only because the couple is settled in patterns of dysfunction. But when one spouse starts to grow and change it's not a given that the other spouse will follow suite. Sometimes, when you declare, "I'm getting off of this crazy train!" the train chugs on without you!

Thankfully, in our case, growth and maturity and change have been equal and we've been able to grow together. Thank you, Lord!

Things have been tight this year because we're determined to pay off some house trip and we're taking a big family trip in 2019 so we didn't do anything huge to celebrate. We decided to take the boys with us to Branson. Last year, we'd purchased tickets to see a show at the Sight and Sound Theater and then weren't able to go. So we already had those paid for.

It was a great time and just what we needed!

Here's to, by God's grace, another 20 years!



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