Should Do

Gabe and I have had such a nice, calm week here at home while Luke and Ben are in El Salvador on a church mission trip. I've taken naps and watched movies and prepped for this upcoming school year.

We're both such introverts, but we've spent some time together, too.

Like this fun trip to Walmart to shop for Silly Putty.

[caption id="attachment_4652" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Looking dapper[/caption]

After we looked through all the toys and tried on small hats, we paid for our putty and a bonus squishy ball and headed to the car.

We saw a stranded cart and I didn't really pay it much mind, until Gabe said something about it and started to walk over. I asked him if he was going to return the cart to the corral and he said, "Should do."

"Should do" is one of my favorite Gabe-isms. It's like the short version of "I should do that."

He proceeded to rescue all the abandoned carts in the lot - 4 in all.

He said it's a small thing he can do for the community. Be still my heart.

I enjoyed watching him, in the dusk, wrangling carts off of sidewalks and maneuvering them carefully through the maze of cars until it was open and he could "ride" them the rest of the way. I love his heart to do whatever little thing is before him that will make a difference.

Seems like this world could do with a lot more "Should do" in it. <3


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