Co-op Fun

We decided to try a new co-op this year. I avoided this one in the past because it was too far, but they moved to a new location so now it's only about 10 minutes further than the one we attended last year.

Luke is taking Improv and Kickball and Gabe is taking a Rubik Cube class and Photography 101.

[caption id="attachment_4681" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Photography 101[/caption]

I'm the monitor in his photography class and I'm learning so much, too! I love it.

We're really enjoying our time at the co-op and it's even more exciting since so many of our church friends attend, too! I've been praying for Gabe to make a good friend and Luke, of course, is always looking to make more friends and have more social time.

I probably won't teach anything this year, but I've started looking at ideas of what to teach for next year - I can't wait!


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