2018 Vacation Day 14: Turkey Run State Park and HOME!

Well, it's been a good two weeks. Part of me is sad to say it's over, but part of me is longing to get back home.

I was afraid Turkey Run would get the short end of the stick or would be bypassed completely because that's usually what happens at the end of our go, go, go vacations.

Thankfully, it ended our trip with a bang and is now, easily, the best hike I've ever done anywhere.

We began with crossing another swinging bridge. (Bridges were the running theme of this vacation!)

We came out on the other side into some woods with large boulders. Before long we were down in the ravine, between the towering boulders.


Very quickly, everyone started saying that the trail was ended and that we needed to head back. Thankfully, I had a map and I'd seen pictures posted by a friend. I knew that we'd be walking upstream - and sometimes in the stream itself. That *was* the trail. They trusted me so on we went.

And our faith was rewarded!

The trail was maintained just the right amount. There were sections where trees were intentionally placed to make an easier crossing place.

There were sections where there were "steps" and handholds gently carved into the cliff side so that we could walk alongside the stream instead of in the stream.

We'd started on Trail 3, which intersected with Trail 10 which boasted an overlook. We took trail 10 for a bit, but the overlook was a disappointment and we were itching to get back to Trail 3, in the stream.

[caption id="attachment_4565" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Neat trail along trail 10. These names must have been carved in this tree years ago because they are way too high to be recent.[/caption]

Before long, we were back at Trail 3 and got to take some ladders back down.

Everything about this trail was beautiful and unique - and COOL on a hot day.

Once the trail looped back to the bridge, other visitors were coming in in droves. We felt satisfied with what we'd seen and were hungry so we decided to grab lunch and drive the 4 hours home.

Turkey Run is definitely on my return list. It's a bit isolated so it would be a great place to rent a cabin and stay for the weekend. They have a pool and kayaks and rafts, and I'd love to see how the other trails compare to what we experienced.

I'm beyond grateful that we got to have Trail 3 to ourselves that morning. It was nothing short of a magical experience that I won't quickly forget.


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