New Coop!

We're getting started on a new chicken coop!

And when I say "we're" I mean Ben. :D

We combed through a bunch of plans, discussed what we needed and wanted, and then he set out to build a coop.

Although, instead of calling it a coop, we're referring to it as the "chicken palace." As building got underway, we kept realizing that we had materials already on hand, leftovers from other projects. For instance, it turns out we had just enough composit decking to make the floor. Little things like that that are turning the structure into more of a "palace" than an ordinary coop.

Here's what he'd done so far:

Funny story: This was all humming along nicely until we went to lift up the walls. They were insanely heavy. After finally heaving them into position, we were SHOCKED at how tall they were. Turns out Ben didn't measure and the back wall ended up being 10ft tall!!

For reference:

Ben was so discouraged at the idea of taking everything apart and cutting it all down. We briefly discussed a "chicken skyscraper" instead of a "chicken palace" but came to our senses and realized it would always bother us if it wasn't corrected.

So, yeah.

Anyway, what's a diy project without a few snags along the way, right? It's all fodder for the memoirs.


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