Gardening Small Group

Our church has had a community garden for a while now, but I didn't know much about it until my friend got involved. Soon after, the people in charge decided to make it an official small group. I hemmed and hawed a bit because I'm already involved in a lot, BUT my 1 class was ending around the same time this group was starting up so I decided to give it a go.

We'll meet twice a month to learn about gardening and then the garden is open to members to work every Monday. It's very flexible and I can take the boys on Mondays, which I totally plan to do!

I'm very excited and am seriously considering cutting back in another area where I serve so I can engage in this small group more. It makes me so happy that I can learn AND do something I love!

Gardening is something I've done in a very haphazard way for several years now and I've yearned to step up my game, but it just has never seemed to work out. This is perfect timing and I'm ready to jump in!

This is the (free!) book they handed out at our first meeting and I've been working my way through it little by little and have already learned so much! More than anything, I marvel at God's creation and how intricate and detailed he makes everything.

It's also been a sobering reminder of how his ways are perfect and when we try to mess with those things, in our own (severly limited) wisdom, it just falls short!


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