Valentine's Day 2018

We had such a nice day today.

I know Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday. I know we can and should love each other every day of the year. I know that.

But...I enjoy having a day set aside to celebrate love. To make it a point to say and do all those things we should when life doesn't get in the way.

I started celebrating on Feb. 1st by posting hearts for each of my guys, detailing what I love about them. I added one heart every day for 14 days.

I came home one evening to find hearts on *my* door, too!


We started off V-Day with a family breakfast. We only eat breakfast together on special occaisions. Dinner is a different matter, but breakfast is hard because we drink smoothies and because Ben is up earlier than we are. So today was special in that regard.

Then we passed out valentines and small gifts. Luke got a t-shirt and Gabe got a book.

Ben went into work for the morning and then took off early so we could make it to a Painting with a Twist class. We have never done anything like that before and had such a good time!

[video width="768" height="1024" mp4=""][/video]


Next we grabbed sushi.

[video width="768" height="1024" mp4=""][/video]

(I don't know why Ben took these as videos. Weird.)

The rest of the day was routine. It was a Wednesdays so the boys had schoolwork, I had housework, and then church in the P.M.

We enjoyed our day of love, as a family and as a couple. It's nice to slow down and focus on the people you care about!


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