Thrift Store Scores: Lite Brite and Creepy Doll

Ben had to make a run into Washington so the boys and I rode along and met up with my mom at a thrift store.

I was thrilled to find a Lite Brite!

I've told the boys about how much I loved my Lite Brite as a kid, but they just didn't understand the appeal. You push pins into a lit box? They still may not love it as much as I did, but they understand a bit better now. You'd bette believe I brought this home with me!

Then we found this little gem. How do creepy things like this even make it into the stores? I guess we knw why it was at the thrift store. I hope someone gives her a home.

Our shopping was cut short by an incoming ice storm. It wasn't supposed to sweep through the area until much later, but it changed its mind. Too bad, because the boys are getting to the point where they enjoy thrift stores about as much as I do!


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