Letting Go

It's hard to let go.

My boys are growing up. I know that's what's supposed to happen, but somehow it still catches me off guard.

The thrift store where I volunteer challenged people to do a purge - 40 items in 40 days. I started in my own closet and found a few things. Then I headed downstairs and did a major purge of my decor and craft stuff. I was hanging onto some old decorations that I haven't displayed in probably 10 years. So, yeah, time to let go.

I casually mentioned the purge to the boys and asked if they had anything they wanted to part ways with. I wasn't prepared for everything they were done with.

TONS of old toys, a couple of stuffed animals, old blankies....oh it was SO hard for me! BUT how could I say no? Hanging onto stuff is an issue with family members on both sides so I want to nip that in the bud.


My babies are growing up in sooo many ways. <3


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