Christmas Tidings 2017

I'm so grateful that the joy, peace, truth, and beauty of Christmas isn't really limited to one day a year!

This year I started feeling a bit "off" on Christmas Eve-eve and by the day after Christmas I was full-on sick. That lasted a whole week which meant missing out on every get together aside from the Nolen Christmas Eve.

But there are no bah-humbugs here because there were still plenty of blessings!

On Dec 8th we took the boys to see Ambassadors of Harmony, a local acappella group. This year was quiiiiite as good as last year, but it was still wonderful. Lots of laughs and lots of amazing vocal work.

On the 17th, we took the boys to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to see the Garden Glow. We have a membership this year so we got a discount on tickets. Also, we really lucked out with nice weather so we were comfortable all evening long.


The boys opted out of the usual gingerbread house and chose a tree, instead.

My sister and precious niece came up early and stayed a week with us. I didn't get much in the way of pictures, but I got lots of snuggles and even got (?) to change a diaper! The cats were probably just as excited as we were because they were convinced that all those cool devices that were their size were actually for them

[caption id="attachment_4151" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Girl cat in the bouncy seat[/caption]

On the 23rd, we woke up to snow. Beautiful, pure, gorgeous snow.

For the past several years, MO has enjoyed very mild winters but that seems to officially be over now. We not only got snow on the 23rd, but that snow is still sticking around a bit because the temp has never crept above freezing since then.

We spent Christmas Eve at church, attending service and then manning the cafe for the other services. Then we ate dinner and opened gifts with Karen and Tim.

[caption id="attachment_4156" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Karen's Tree[/caption]

On Christmas morning I was feeling run down, but I managed to make a gf cinnamon....roll...thing. It was interesting. Tasty, but a total failure in the looks department!

We didn't have any place to go so we stayed in comfy clothes all day and admired our gifts and stayed cozy.

My big gift from Ben was a total surprise.

Our friend's husband makes really neat things out of metal. He does a lot out of rebar, which is pretty darn cool, but he happened to mention to Ben that he had this large piece of stainless steel and maybe something cool could be made from it. It's such a good fit. Sleek and shiny. I love it! We're going to nail it to our huge oak tree in front of the house so that it can be seen from the road. Just as soon as it warms up. :)

The boys enjoyed all of their gifts and I think Ben was happy with everything he got, as well. I focused on latte art gifts which is something he's been wanting to learn.

Another Christmas is in the books. It was unconventional, but still full of blessing!



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