Cashew Milk

I've been meaning to make my own nut milk for a long time now, but just felt overwhelmed at the idea of making yet another thing from scratch.

Earlier this year, we stopped drinking goat milk since our friend's goats stopped producing. Our chiro thought it might help Gabe's asthma, too, to go completely dairy-free.

So we went dairy-free, but there's just so much junk in store-bought milks! Plus, nuts really should be soaked in order to make them more gut-friendly. Since we were drinking almond and cashew milk every morning in our smoothies, I wanted something that would be easy on our stomachs.

I finally made some cashew milk and it was so easy! Barely any straining and I was easily able to make enough for a week!

I'm glad I went ahead and did this and I wish I hadn't put it off for so long!


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